Updates: Moving and other news.

It’s been one heck of a holiday recovery. Second business closed in less than a year. Just wasn’t meant to be, not here anyways. The wife and I have been getting ready to move back to her home state after our vacation. It’s kept me from doing any work on the site, I apologize for that. I am going to try to mix things up. I want to produce both quality and quantity so I hope to develop a posting schedule that will feature several smaller articles during the week and one longer high quality article bi-weekly at minimum. This quality article will likely be adventures, major player or GM help articles, and other bigger discussion topics. In other news, I did manage to barter some work for an Asus transformer tablet with windows 8.1 which will really help with work on the go as far as this site goes.

Till then, thanks for being with me so far.



Campaign on Hold

Our campaign is on hold for the next 3 weeks, holidays. I’ll have the recent synopsis up sometime soon, busy week preparing for our own vacation! New content to come out soon, hoping to get an adventure or two up!