Epic Ideas: War Rules

While exploring options for my next campaign, I wanted to look at how to run war in fifth edition. This article is non-system specific though, so it should work for any edition and Pathfinder. I wanted to make fighting on the front line feel spectacular and move along at a pace that won’t take too much time to complete.

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GM Help: Leave Them Disappointed

At the end of a session, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing my players complain and say how disappointed they are. Why? Because they are sad that the night is over, they were so caught up in the session that they didn’t realize it’s the end of the session and now they must wait, oh so long, till our next session. This article is non rules specific, and should help you come up with great ways to close out your game sessions in ways that keep your players excited for the next session.

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Epic Ideas: Speeding Things Up

It’s easy to let game night slip away into discussion time and going off on tangents. This article should help give you some good ideas on how to speed things up and get the most out of your session. It’s not rules specific so you should be able to put it to use for any system.

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Epic Experience – Shop Till You Drop!

In this session, I treat my companions to a few things, and then we suddenly ALL the things. There was a lot of ‘downtime’ in this session, making up for all the combat of the previous two. There is some combat and all, but I actually ended up having to remind myself of my own character’s stats. I come from heavy role playing characters, such as bards, and casters, playing a neutral barbarian is proving rather tricky. I like it.

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Epic Encounters: Overprotective

I’ve decided to work on encounters here and there, and share them with you all. This encounter was built to challenge four level one players in D&D 5e, but can easily be modified to do more or work in other systems. I guess you can celebrate Halloween a little early with this treat!

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Epic Ideas: Tides of War

I’m on a string of higher level write ups lately, and that is mostly due to my own personal campaign reaching level 18 (plus mythic 8)! The story is bigger than before and the characters are getting ready to go to war with some form of dragon-lich-demigod by the name of Adraxa. They’re expecting to face down an army of drow armed to the teeth. They don’t know the surprises they’re in for yet; but everything about the campaign has lead up to this point.

It’s time for war, and I have a new idea on how to handle it. I’ll be using it in my Wednesday night campaign and I will call it the…

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Epic Ideas #3: The Roleplaying Cheat Sheet

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At some point in time at the table, in between combat, roleplaying, and note taking; both the players and the GMs end up accumulating small charts, reminders, and tables. Game Masters have screens that hide their most used information. Players have notes on their character sheets, to remind them of items and abilities to use. The fact of the matter is that cheat sheets make tabletop roleplaying games faster, and easier. I want to show you how to make the roleplaying cheat sheet. Something to fall back on when you’re not sure what your character should do in a situation.

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