Epic Ideas: War Rules

While exploring options for my next campaign, I wanted to look at how to run war in fifth edition. This article is non-system specific though, so it should work for any edition and Pathfinder. I wanted to make fighting on the front line feel spectacular and move along at a pace that won’t take too much time to complete.

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Epic Experience: Primed and Ready – Session 1

The new campaign finally got off the ground, with a live stream as well. If you missed the stream you can catch up here or just by reading through this article (less adult language and silliness included in the article). See how the players perform in their first session in my home brew D&D 5e campaign “Prime”.

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Epic Experience: Learning a New Edition

So, seeing as we didn’t get to start session 1 of our latest campaign. I took the time to familiarize myself with D&D 5e. In this article I’ll go over how I made learning the new edition a bit easier on myself. After all, it is a new rule set, and while it follows the same conventions and methods as older editions and other games; it is still something different. So far, I love it. This should be useful for both players and game masters.

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