Epic Ideas: War Rules

While exploring options for my next campaign, I wanted to look at how to run war in fifth edition. This article is non-system specific though, so it should work for any edition and Pathfinder. I wanted to make fighting on the front line feel spectacular and move along at a pace that won’t take too much time to complete.

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The Morning After…


There are a lot of great and not so great feelings after you’ve had a good night of D&D; joy, anger, sadness, excitement, frustration, and more. Yet, here it is, the day after a session where I have GMed (or DMed if you prefer); and my main feeling isĀ shellshock. My brain feels fried (poor brian). I may have fallen asleep faster, but I’m more tired. I struggle recalling the events of the night before, except for the most notable. It’s as if it were a GM hangover (and I don’t drink alcohol).

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