GM Help: Leave Them Disappointed

At the end of a session, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing my players complain and say how disappointed they are. Why? Because they are sad that the night is over, they were so caught up in the session that they didn’t realize it’s the end of the session and now they must wait, oh so long, till our next session. This article is non rules specific, and should help you come up with great ways to close out your game sessions in ways that keep your players excited for the next session.

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Epic Experience: The End

Well, yeah… Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Skulls & Shackles adventure path.

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Player Help: Working With Your GM

I often find certain players in my group that end up feel like their character fell short of their expectations. The others tend to outshine or out do them, or their character just doesn’t fit in right. I do prevent this from happening as much as I can by going over the character sheets before a new character joins the party or before a campaign starts. In my next campaign, we’re going to have a session just for rolling characters, to hopefully enforce what I want to say here. Work with your GM! This article goes over the reasons why you should work closely with your game master to create a character you feel invested in, and love.

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Epic Experience: Thinning the Herd

Missing two players, disease spreads, and potential drowning. Ah, the good life. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Skulls & Shackles adventure path.

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Epic Experience: All Washed Up

After yesterday’s epic long article it’s time to let everyone know how my last session in pathfinder went! We had to move it ahead a day and got a rather late start. It was only a three hour session, but man, it was awesome. Last week we ended things in a cliffhanger… This week… Well, you’ll see. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Pathfinder Skulls & Shackles adventure path!

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Epic Experience: A slower campaign.

Five party members in an adventure designed for three to four players. The experience points roll in slowly. I implement one of my most trusted bonus points methods and the party advances a few more days aboard the Wormwood. Warning: This post may contain spoilers about the Skulls & Shackles adventure path. Read with caution!

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Epic Experience: Rough Start

A sick player, a sick child, and a virtual table top glitching. Was a tricky night to handle. But somehow, still had a lot of fun! Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Skulls and Shackles adventure path! Read on if you want to find out what happened to the players, and how I got the game going through all the trouble! 

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