Campaign on Hold

Our campaign is on hold for the next 3 weeks, holidays. I’ll have the recent synopsis up sometime soon, busy week preparing for our own vacation! New content to come out soon, hoping to get an adventure or two up!


Epic Experience: Damn

Last week was a blur. From start to finish the action was non-stop. It all would have been amazing, if it weren’t for the loss of a PC…

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Epic Experience – Shop Till You Drop!

In this session, I treat my companions to a few things, and then we suddenly ALL the things. There was a lot of ‘downtime’ in this session, making up for all the combat of the previous two. There is some combat and all, but I actually ended up having to remind myself of my own character’s stats. I come from heavy role playing characters, such as bards, and casters, playing a neutral barbarian is proving rather tricky. I like it.

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Epic Experience – Cool guys ignore ALL the things!

With the cliffhanger of last week we ended up starting the night off with, surprise, COMBAT! This is the second part of my player point of view Epic Experience articles. I’m playing a barbarian for the first time, a dragonborn for the first time, and as a player in 5e for the first time! We had a lot of fun during this session!

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Epic Experience – First Time For Everything

I had a lot of fun playing my first barbarian ever. I learned a lot, and I’d like to share that with you in this new series of Epic Experiences. You’ll see things from a player’s point of view for the first time on this site! While the night was a blur, baby aggro was strong, I remember and kept notes on a lot of key things. Rather than describe everything that went down, I want to focus more on key highlights and what I learned from them.

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We begin anew…

Unfortunately I have had to put down my mantle as game master. Too much is going on in life. Luckily the group has put forth a champion to herald my title. Our good friend Ertsatz is going to be game mastering for our group. I will hopefully enjoy more than a few weeks of play time this time around! I’m trying something I have never played before; and I will be keeping a player journal as well as a character journal here!

I hope to learn a lot, and help you all learn even more! Prime has met a swift pause, but in a few months (hopefully) things will get a bit easier and I shall make my return to GMing. We will still be streaming live but it will be on a new channel, though the videos will go to the same channel on youtube. I shall keep you updated!