Player Help: Where do we go?

From open world games, to not knowing what you should do next; it’s easy to get stuck in any campaign. Perhaps you’re tired of getting railroaded along, or you’ve got too many choices ahead of you, maybe only bad choices… This article should help you decide which routes to go while staying true to your character.

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Player Help: Working With Your GM

I often find certain players in my group that end up feel like their character fell short of their expectations. The others tend to outshine or out do them, or their character just doesn’t fit in right. I do prevent this from happening as much as I can by going over the character sheets before a new character joins the party or before a campaign starts. In my next campaign, we’re going to have a session just for rolling characters, to hopefully enforce what I want to say here. Work with your GM! This article goes over the reasons why you should work closely with your game master to create a character you feel invested in, and love.

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Player Help – Advanced Combat Tactics

So, I’ve written “Game over man! Game over!” and “Player Help: Combat Tactics Revisited“. The first article went on to show how players should focus in combat, mostly for beginner players to table top games. The second focused more on overall things you can do to help yourself and fellow players in just about any combat. In this article I want to teach you the more specific and advanced options during combat in most table top role playing systems. This is recommended for players who have learned what they needed from the previous articles, as well as any other advanced players in general. While the same theories apply to all role playing systems, we will focus on using the Pathfinder system for numbers and specific rules.

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Player Help: Combat Tactics Revisited

A while back I wrote a post “Game over man! Game over!” it went over some basic combat tactics that players should try to utilize whenever they can. Not to become the best character possible, but to help be a better player for your group; and to prevent untimely demise. In the nine months since that post I’ve finished one campaign and started a new one. I’ve learned a lot from my players and from testing out different table top games as well. Hopefully this new information will help you be a better player for your team, and help you help your team help you… Yep. Perfect.

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Player Help: Which character should I use?!?

What player hasn’t had this problem? “I have so many character ideas for the next campaign, which one do I use!?!” Today, I’m here to help you with that problem. I have a little survey that you can answer about your characters and figure out  which one you’ll likely have the most fun with.

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Epic Ideas #3: The Roleplaying Cheat Sheet

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At some point in time at the table, in between combat, roleplaying, and note taking; both the players and the GMs end up accumulating small charts, reminders, and tables. Game Masters have screens that hide their most used information. Players have notes on their character sheets, to remind them of items and abilities to use. The fact of the matter is that cheat sheets make tabletop roleplaying games faster, and easier. I want to show you how to make the roleplaying cheat sheet. Something to fall back on when you’re not sure what your character should do in a situation.

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Player Help: Resources for Players

You’re tasked with coming with yet a new character. You’ve played many before this one, but you want to do something new. You want to play something you haven’t played before. Where do you get started? What do you look to for information. I’ve shared my resources for general use. But, this is specific for players, and specifically for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Do not fret, though. I also want to go over a few tips that are good for any role playing system.

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