GM Help: Leave Them Disappointed

At the end of a session, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing my players complain and say how disappointed they are. Why? Because they are sad that the night is over, they were so caught up in the session that they didn’t realize it’s the end of the session and now they must wait, oh so long, till our next session. This article is non rules specific, and should help you come up with great ways to close out your game sessions in ways that keep your players excited for the next session.

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GM Help: World Building – Diving In

In part two my World Building series I want to expand more on beginning with an idea and expanding on that. In this case, it’s all about first impressions. Rather than building an entire world from the ground up on those base ideas… I start off with designing the first adventure as a focus for my ideas. I recommend reading “Getting Started” before reading through this part! I am doing this for a 5e campaign, but the same theories should hold true to all systems. 

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GM Help: World Building – Getting Started

Before I started the Skulls & Shackles adventure path from Paizo, I had started the Epic Experience articles. I will continue those as I run them weekly. However, I’m constantly looking ahead at where I’m going to take my players next. A new campaign always starts with some idea that I like, or something I saw that I like. So, I present to you my first World Building series. Feel free to follow along and make a new world or campaign with me!

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GM Tips: Going off course.

I spend a lot of time reading in my spare time at work, mostly getting ideas for my own adventures and articles. I’m a pretty big fan of Table Titans and love that they have players and game masters constantly giving them experiences to post. As I read over these I’ve seen several “bad” experiences. Experiences that were fun at the moment to the players, but the GM clearly felt undermined or unhappy. I have this happen to me, and have had it happen to fellow game masters on a consistent basis. So, what do you do when your players “one shot” your plans, or derail an adventure, even if it was completely within the rules and alignments?

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Epic Ideas – One Shot Adventure Generator

Following the same formula as my last generator (Simple Background Generator) I wanted to help game masters out who are low on time or ideas. I present to you the One Shot Adventure Generator. I’ll explain how to read it, how to use it is simple. Or, if you don’t want to use the digital version, just roll the dice on the tables below!

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Can I do this?

Players often see their own solutions to puzzles you present to them. It is one of the reasons I tend to design encounters without any one right solution to them. Sure, there’s the obvious key at the bottom of a vat of acid and some tongs to fish it out with. But, the players decide to flood the acid out with create water. They don’t think about where that acid is going to go, only that water is going to replace it soon.

Sometimes it’s just a player being silly, other times they are being legitimate about their answer. So what happens when a player asks to do something that doesn’t make sense, or is just outlandish, or strange? What happens when a player asks a dreaded, “Can I do this?” The good news, there is no wrong answer. The bad news, there is no right answer… I’ll show you a few questions to ask yourself to help you find the best answer for your situation.

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Epic Rescue – They’re not having fun!

“My players are complaining more and more now. We’re level 17 mythic 7 in my Pathfinder game. Almost every week we run into a rules question that turns into a debate. They are focused on their numbers more than they are on the story. The one role playing player I have is ready to leave the group and come back when I start a new game. I don’t know, I love making adventures and all, but it feels like a job now. –Pat

PS: Good luck with the blog.”

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