Epic Maps #5: The Brewery

Keeping it simple this Saturday. Need a tavern, bar, brewery, or place to eat in your campaign? Check out this map, a simple brewery for you to use online and off! Printable for a regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch page, and friendly enough to download and use on any virtual tabletop as well. It has a transparent background so it will fit on any landscape you have ready! Free for personal use only!

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Epic Maps #4: Foothills Cave

Been a hectic and busy week. Today, I leave you with a cave hidden in the forest foothills. What lives in here, why did the adventurers seek it out? What dark secrets does it hold? It is all up to you! Free to use for personal, non-commercial use!

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Epic Maps #3: Kobold Tunnels

Busy week this one is, as well as next week. I leave you with a map you can cut, reprint and put together how you wish! I present to you.

Secret Tunne-

Er, I mean.


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Epic Maps #2: Piece Together your Dwarven Hold

Of course, with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug out, it’s hard not to do something that isn’t themed to the movie. I have a hard enough time keeping the stuff out of my next adventure, when I do go see a movie. But, that won’t stop Epic Maps from being epic, let the movie inspiration carry us away! I present to you…

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Epic Map #1: Tomb of the Lost King

I love looking at maps for my table top games. These are great sources of inspiration and crazy ideas for where my players might go next. However, a lot of the published maps are DM/GM only! From keys, to secret doors, to the names of things, even the grid is already printed on them.

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