Epic Experience: Hi mom…

Drej has to deal with returning to Silverwood to get help from Nena’s mother. We find out how teleportation works in 5e, and demons, lots of them…My character, a dragonborn barbarian nicknamed Drej, kept his dear friend on ice with his frost breath. It was a couple of days travel through some neutral territories before the party arrived in Silverwood. Drej wasn’t afraid of much, but the anxiety of what Nena’s mother (Ralani) would do was starting to eat at him. He needed her help to bring Nena back… The party would need a replacement until that happened. So he had to recruit her, and help her deal with the temporary loss.

The knock at the door was echoed by footsteps. She is a middle aged elf paladin (vengeance oath), renown for felling the foul mayor of the town back when he started sacrificing townsfolk for power… Seems to be a running theme in this world. He’d met her once, she was now retired, and the town’s tanner. When she greeted the door, she held a bloodied carving knife. Apparently, it was best to carve down a bearskin in your living room… While the kids are away, am I right?

It seemed she knew what was up once she saw the cloth draped body that Drej was carrying. She cleared a table and took Nena and set her down on it. She cared little for the story of how it happened. She blamed Drej, and the demons. She needed little persuasion. Ralani was up for helping bring Nena back, as for anything beyond that, I don’t know; or even if she’ll release Nena when we can get her back.

We ended up resupplying, and moving onto the next town immediately after. It turns out that there was a gateway in the next town, some sort pathway to where we needed to go. I wasn’t paying much attention because Ralani and I were arguing back and forth about whose fault it was. The gate could only fit one person at a time. There was a rules argument that I stayed out of based on 5e teleportation vs other editions. (My stance is, other editions don’t apply, and DM has full say on how stuff works; we have no idea how a magical gateway works in game, much less in his custom world.) In any case, the DM favored that it was just fine… There was some communication to people on the other end of the gate, they sent three guards to wait for us.

Annnd, into the onslaught we go. I was last through the gate. When I stepped through, Ralani was hanging back to the left of the gate and the party was locked in combat with demons of all kinds. The blind mage zapped me with haste and off I went.

A short three rounds later, and enough damage to make a high level character in an MMO look like child’s play, and our problem was subsided

Or so we thought. I gathered my senses only to realize that more demons crept around the corners of this, what seemed to be, ruin. The night ended there with us recovering on a short break.

We won’t be able to play again until sometime in January but I look forward to the session. Though, with each session, my hope grows lesser and lesser that I can get Nena back, but don’t tell Drej I said that.


2 thoughts on “Epic Experience: Hi mom…

    1. That it is. I’ve discovered that 5e is more dangerous in general, but with such a huge party (six people) the game master hasn’t been afraid to throw deadly stuff at us.

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