Epic Experience: Damn

Last week was a blur. From start to finish the action was non-stop. It all would have been amazing, if it weren’t for the loss of a PC…

It will be a shorter post this week. Last time, a dragon’s skeleton had been animated by a powerful mage. My character, Drej, took the mage out in just two short rounds, but in that short time of twelve seconds, so much happened.

Nena had been whisked away by the undead dragon. Other party members found themselves locked in combat with mages and ogres alike. All Drej could do was hunt Nena down. The dragon took her to this ruined pyramid. Four rounds of running and he’d lost his giant size buff. When he finally found her, she was being put into a pile by another undead. This one seemed to be watching over her.

I remember a demon there, hunting it down, trying to stop it… But it got away, and in that time, the undead that had watched over Nena, ended up killing her.


Drej wants to kill and destroy every last demon that exists. But first, he must venture back to Nena’s home town, confront her mother; and hopefully find a way to bring Nena back. Oh, he was so angry at the demon that he smashed his amazing sword on a critical failure.

Honestly, it was one of the most awesome nights of role playing and combat I’ve been a part of; but in saying so, my notes are scribbled and poorly drawn out. I was so enveloped in what was going on, that even I came out of it with the feeling of it all just being a big blur. Then I was sobered by the loss of Nena.

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