Epic Experience – Shop Till You Drop!

In this session, I treat my companions to a few things, and then we suddenly ALL the things. There was a lot of ‘downtime’ in this session, making up for all the combat of the previous two. There is some combat and all, but I actually ended up having to remind myself of my own character’s stats. I come from heavy role playing characters, such as bards, and casters, playing a neutral barbarian is proving rather tricky. I like it.

We start our third session off during the evening of last week’s session. With the 5e DMG being in our hands finally, we put the carousing rules to use. The Bloodcloaks spent the night gambling, yes pit fighting is a form of gambling. Errol got swept up in a whirlwind romance with a bartender. Drej won a good sum of money and earned himself a bit of a name during a legendary 3 on 1 fight, after he had already been exhausted from combat earlier that day, you know… Killing that minotauroscorpiobomination. Nena earned a bit of money as well at the game tables. At some point during the evening we ran into the other three players, introducing their new characters. GraveAT9 and Okamipaparu joined up as; Thallan Amarel, a blind elf divination wizard, and Daeris Amarel, an elf assassin. While Rob joined in as Andreas, a human cleric. They introduced themselves as nobles in need of hired killers. The Bloodcloaks can do that!

Some quick negotiation landed 300 gold in the cloaks’ hands and a meeting the next morning. The job would be to kill the leader of the cult after the king in this town. Another 300 gold would be paid to us as well. So we agreed to meet in the morning to discuss the details.

So, the next morning, we met and were led to a storeroom in the tavern to talk in private. It was a nice cramped space, the kind of place I like to negotiate in. When it turned out that our contractors hardly had any details themselves, we refused the job and would keep the 300. I wanted to push for more, because it would lead to more work on the cloaks’ part. We were told to kill someone, now it would come down to tracking this person, that they had very little detail on.

It got tense. You see, I don’t like to just go “OH HEY NEW PC, WELCOME TO THE PARTY”. I want to have a GOOD reason for us to be together. I want to get a feel for their characters. As I attempted to walk out of the room, the cleric stood in my way. The blind mage hesitated, and the assassin took a bit of a defensive stance. Good. GOOD! I reached for my blade, the greatsword would be plenty to take care of them in this confined space, especially after I just earned the feat “mage slayer”.

“I have land!” The blind mage shouted. My interest was peaked. You see, I’ve been figuring out a bit of a motive to Drej, and it seems to be that he just wants a nice chunk of land in this world to call his own. Perhaps to use as a way of gaining power, or just to have a place to live out the rest of his life, I’m not quite sure just yet. In any case, Drej turned back and contemplated it. It was SUCH a tense moment. The three of them, the three of us, even over a virtual table top with cameras, it was just awesome. Everyone was just like, “oh crap… oh crap”. And then, Drej looked back to Nena and Errol, the both of them gave a nod. Just like that, we had a deal. A total of 200 gold to each of us, and a plot of land back near where these nobles are from, not far from Errol’s homeland.

Sidenote: What did I learn? The Cleric had a trigger finger, the mage was weak on his own, and his female half is weary, if not weak, in a fair fight.

I love good role play, and playing a short tempered, not super smart guy is extremely fun. I find myself checking his INT score, and reminding myself it’s below the average npc, it’s that of a commoner or less basically. The score is 8. My wisdom is only 10, so that’s just at average. Errol and Nena reminded me, in character, that we could talk to Herod (that piece of crap) or the King (also, piece of crap), to get information since they’re the ones who’ve probably been dealing with them for a while. I had figured this out of character, and the other three also suggested it during the negotiation. Yet, that was kind of my driving point during the negotiation, all that matters is what I know in character, nothing more. I want money, I don’t have details, and I’m not sure where to get the details from. Hence why I need Nena and Errol!

In any case, we learned two things after setting off for information. Herod is a freaking idiot and should feel bad (literally the reason why we found him locked up in the prison for a day), and the king seems to be paranoid because whoever these guys are, they worship demons and just summoned a lesser spawn from the hells on him. He gave us a name, Melatonin or Melatrix … or mela.. ah whatever, it’s in my player notes! We learned legend that an old king used demonic power to gain power, sacrificed a lot of his kingdom for more, and then his kingdom fell to ruin. On our way out, I mentioned to the king here that he could probably learn a thing or two from that lesson.

Then we set off shopping! We found ourselves deals everywhere, it was like the whole town participated in black Friday, ALL the time. For around 500 gold I found a deed to some land near Errol’s country, two horses, a cart, a warhorse, and everything we needed for the trip. The only thing we couldn’t find was potions. The town has a strange lack of them, in fact, a practical ban on life restoring stuff. We’d decided on heading out the next day, so we went to carousing for another night. Errol got caught up in yet another wirlwind romance, this time with the bartender’s daughter. Nena and the assassin got mugged, ironic, and woke up with little to no memory as of what happened. Drej ran into Herod and gut checked him with his tail, finally making an enemy of the fool. And, the others earned or didn’t lose anything gambling.

We set off toward the ruins of the desert city, the trek was easy. When we arrived, the ruins were awesome looking. What was basically a city buried in sand, with the tip of a ruined pyramid in the distance. It wasn’t empty either. The mages we fought last time were all over the place, with undead servants in tow. I hadn’t realized this when I sent Nena to scout. I saw the bones of a dragon half buried in the sand and had to check it out with Errol. The other three decided to scavenge through some ruined homes.

Okay, so here is where my GM and tactical side took over. I knew that Nena was alone, and that the sand was tricky to travel with these horses. The other three had already stated they would check out these ruins. That meant we had no flank protection. When I saw the dragon bones on the map, I saw this as something legitimate to check out, Drej is highly interested in his ancestors; to the point to where he even attempted an INT check just to discern what dragon it may have been; unfortunately age had taken hold of the bones too much for him to recognize it. I wouldn’t have been able to pull of this position without something of interest being there, because I don’t want to outright metagame. If I do something, I must have in character reason or knowledge on it.

So, when Nena stumbled across the mages with undead, I was happy for my map placement. When there were undead in the ruins, I was VERY happy with my placement. Then, when I saw that two mages and an ogre where not far to my north, I was EXTREMELY happy with my placement. We were virtually un-flankable.

This made dealing with the onslaught before us very easy. We had ‘unintentionally’ formed a pincer flank on the enemies. The war cleric in the back was able to fire his laser flame beams of deathy doom, the wizard was back to be able to buff where he needed. The two rogues were able to keep advantage and soften enemies if not kill them outright. Errol and I were able to form a defensive line of pain.

What could only be assumed as the leader of this current group of mages, commanded a massive ogre toward us. The blind divination used his luck and skill to match my size to the ogre. I raged, went into a frenzy, and in one solid swing, cut the ogre in half.

I’m sure I heard the splorting sound of several mages collectively crapping themselves. As the others spent a round cleaning things up, the head mage turned his attention to the dragon bones.

Then animated them, turns out, there are things bigger than giant Drej, this is one of those things.

And then…

The night ended. Just as I was ready to go to battle against the bones of my ancestors. While I am not fond of killing dragons, this one is already dead.

It was a fun night, unfortunately I don’t have time to put all the details. I hope to finish editing the videos to put on our channel soon! Till next time,


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