Epic Ideas: Beating the Odds

Suffer from constant poor dice rolls? Several systems have a way to increase the odds, but I think 5e does it the best. The introduction of “Advantage and Disadvantage” really does a lot for players and game masters. But, there is no set guide on how to gain advantage, it’s ultimately up to your game master. This article proposes a few ways to gain advantage during your session, to help combat rolling poorly constantly. This is a rather short article as I’m pressed for time this week, but I hope it helps!

A few things to remember…

  • Advantage + Disadvantage = Normal dice roll.
  • Advantage + Advantage = Normal Advantage roll.
  • Disadvantage + Disadvantage = Normal Disadvantage roll.
  • They don’t stack, they do negate, basically.
  • This uses rule 0; it is ultimately up to the game master to decide whether you have it or not, or a specific rule.

    Ask the right question at the right time.
    It isn’t about “do I have advantage”. It is about, “I am doing this, because of that, do I have advantage?”. You shouldn’t expect to have it every round. Asking every round is not the way to do it, and you shouldn’t ask “will this give me advantage if I do this?” You should make the effort first, then use that effort as proof as to why you should be allowed advantage. “I want to use persuade to make him look behind him. I shout ‘Look out!’ and point for my move action. Then attack. So if he falls for it, can I roll with advantage?” Is acceptable to me, but don’t expect it to work round after round, but you’re on the right track by making sure it’s something that the enemy must save against, in this case an insight check would be plenty to make. And, you’re using the correct action to attempt it.

Some examples 

  • Flanking – Position yourself and an ally at opposite sides of your enemy. This, is almost always guaranteed advantage. If you are flanked by someone else, however… You don’t get the advantage because you’re at a disadvantage. You can’t flank while being flanked.
  • Aid – An ally spends their turn helping you. Want to grapple someone? Position yourself and get your ally to help to where the two of you can attempt to push or grapple. Some game masters may just take this as an aid action, others may see it where you can roll advantage.
  • Terrain – Use the environment against them. Get above them, force them into hazards, get their backs to the walls.
  • Using skills – Use your skills to throw the enemy off. Intimidate them into cowering or getting distracted. Use sleight of hand to fake your attack and get advantage next round. Use persuade to lure them into a false sense of security.

    If you need help or want to learn more, make sure to comment or shoot an email to adventamp@gmail.com !

    Till next time,


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