Epic Experience: The End

Well, yeah… Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Skulls & Shackles adventure path.

The night begins with Rook continuing to get out of the tunnel, and the others pushing into the watery cave system. Our missing players spot a faint light in the distance and attempt to get out of their imprisonment. One ambush of eight grindylows weakens the players that are hunting their missing friends down. After hearing Scorch speak out in goblin, they are forced to turn around and look for him. When they find their missing friends, another ambush gets them and does them in. All save for Rook, who fled earlier, S’braldt, who swam away in the confusion, and Morrighan who was still imprisoned.

As the party died one by one, S’braldt’s magical light came to an end; as the caster left this world behind. Morrighan awaited in silence, her demise… it was a rough night; one that proved that this adventure path is probably just too hard for the ways of my group, even six players strong. The party composition just wasn’t right. Too many people didn’t get along in character. It was probably my fault from the get go for allowing that.

So, we begin our next campaign. In the world building series I have been working on “Prime”. While I intended on it being months from now, I have enough of an Idea to just go ahead and run with it. So we decided to crack open our 5e player handbooks and get into character creation.

We did 4d6 drop the lowest. Anything below an 8 could be rerolled by me, or bumped to an eight. If they let me re-roll they HAD to keep the result. Several re-rolls later, and the party had some pretty decent stats, some fell behind. So I wanted to remind them that this was a campaign where teamwork is a MUST. So I allowed players to trade one score with another player, if the other player was willing to trade back. Turns out the party was MUCH happier with trading an average score to a player with more low scores. We spent about two hours creating characters from start to finish (minus equipment selection and spell selection). I have to say, creating characters in 5e was very fun.

Everyone understands what everyone else is, the roles they fill, their backgrounds, ideals, all of that. It’s really going to help the teamwork aspect of things. I want to run this campaign very monster hunter style… So we’ll see how it goes in our first session in “Prime” on Saturday. I think I’m going to try and stream/record it. If so… I’ll post an update. It will be 7pm EST over at Twitch.TV/ShySiren

Looking forward to next time!


2 thoughts on “Epic Experience: The End

  1. Sorry to hear that the AP did your party in, but I am glad to read that you all had fun creating 5E characters. “Prime” seems to be shaping up to be a very interesting setting. Best of fun wishes.

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