Epic Experience: Thinning the Herd

Missing two players, disease spreads, and potential drowning. Ah, the good life. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Skulls & Shackles adventure path.

We started this session off with two players not able to make it; Scorch, and Morrighan. I took control of their characters for the session. Scorch had wanted to brew some antiplague and aether for Kohen. His rolls were fine, and they were made fast enough thanks to him being an alchemist. Rook had decided to scout the rest of the island out.

She managed to swing by the back side of the island’s mountain, finding a rotted sunken ship wreck, and some grindylows acting up on shore. As she got closer she realized that one was wearing the Tricorn that Sandara Quinn wore, and the other wielded Jack Scrimshaw’s blade. She decided to rush back and get the party’s attention.

The rest of the group was back at the beach, filling barrels up with sea water and trying to purify it. Rook got within earshot and told them to follow the coastline south and behind the mountain. She didn’t give a reason why, she instead immediately began her flight back to the cove where she found the grindylows.

A short encounter involving large crabs diving down from palm trees lead to some injuries among the party, but the pain was only beginning. The rest of the players made it to the cove to find Rook having spears tossed at her as she popped shots off at grindylows coming out of a tunnel. They engaged and took care of two of them, but two more were there.

They vanished into the water, a moment later Morrighan called for help before being dragged into the water by a grindylow, and Scorch was unattended for as well. S’braldt decided to dive in after her and found a boot floating into the tunnel. All but Rook decided to follow him into the tunnel. The tunnel was purposely sharpened and chipped at, making a bump against the wall potentially lethal. The players made it to a deep churning cove a few rounds after. They spotted Rook flying overhead, as she descended, a nest of stirges made their attack. They dropped her to one constitution before she dove down into the water and got them off of her.

With some difficulty, and some temporary healing, the players continued down the path of the tunnel and into the domain of the grindylows. The mouth of their domain had a split path, one going toward the north, into deep seaweed. The other going into what looked like the skeletal maw of an old twisted beast.

Grindylow ambushed Rook as she tried to get a better look (rhyming ALL the time!). The combat was short, and she fled to the back flanks of the group… And that is where the night ended.

Sometimes I find myself wondering if there is a faster way to do things. it took four hours to manage to do all of that. But, my wife and I had a rather upset kid all night, constantly being pulled away. I feel, lately, that our four hour session is only two hours of content. Alas, till next time.


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