Epic Maps #5: The Brewery

Keeping it simple this Saturday. Need a tavern, bar, brewery, or place to eat in your campaign? Check out this map, a simple brewery for you to use online and off! Printable for a regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch page, and friendly enough to download and use on any virtual tabletop as well. It has a transparent background so it will fit on any landscape you have ready! Free for personal use only!

I decided not to actually add too much to it. I wanted it to be simple enough to get the idea across, without filling it up with too many chairs or tables. I wanted it to feel like a nice small local tavern or brewery of some sort. It features a simple fire pit, bar, several tables (great for turning into difficult terrain in a bar fight), a kitchen, and a nice keg storage/brewery! Hope this little map is of use to you!


Edit: Re-uploaded without the grid lines!

The Brewery
A simple map free for personal use in your adventure.

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