Epic Experience: All Washed Up

After yesterday’s epic long article it’s time to let everyone know how my last session in pathfinder went! We had to move it ahead a day and got a rather late start. It was only a three hour session, but man, it was awesome. Last week we ended things in a cliffhanger… This week… Well, you’ll see. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Pathfinder Skulls & Shackles adventure path!

The night started off with the players facing down Plugg and Scourge, with several of their goons at hand. There was a moment of tension as the night started. Then, BAM! The ship ran aground in the middle of the storm and heavy fog. Several people fell over from the sudden slam. Plugg began shouting out orders. For fear of being left to the stormy sea, the players put aside their want of mutiny and began to inspect the ship.

We added a new player to the group, though he’s really just one of the original group making a return! Trent joined us in playing a hobgoblin who likes to hug things to death. He’s a rather stealthy fellow and had been a stow away before the crew became pirates.  In any case, the crew found that the ship ran aground on a coral covered rock. It damaged the ship enough to get stuck, but not enough to sink it. Not only that, the water supply (that the players intended on poisoning) was now ruined. It was already late in the evening by the time this happened. The fog lifted enough by dusk to reveal the silhouette of an island roughly a mile or so in the distance. Plugg gave the orders for the players to go there in the morning and bring back fresh water. They had two days to do so, as that’s how long it’d take to repair the ship.

No one ever found the stow away hobgoblin, it wasn’t until he tried to sneak on deck that Plugg and his crew spotted them. Rather than waste a valuable body, Plugg ordered him to go with the players in the morning. Good for him, he didn’t have to hide, and could freely eat once it was all said and done.

The next morning, most players went by boat, Rook took off to the skies to scout things out. She found a small abandoned fishing village, a massive tree, and several cut paths before returning to a large fifty foot rock where she met up with the rest of the players. She decided to further scout the island. There was still a dense fog this morning, and she thought she saw a mountain along the coast. The players decided to investigate the village in hopes of finding help or fresh water. They trekked along the coast and Rook took to the skies once more.

When the players arrived to the mud huts of the fishing village, they found that it was for something smaller than people. Scorch had no problem with the size of the huts, it almost seemed natural for him to wander the village. After investigating, it became apparent that the village had been abandoned for decades. The players did discover a path that went towards the south. Meanwhile, Rook flew along the coastline, taking time to scout and relax.

The players found themselves at some sort of swampy river crossing. A bridge had once been here but was long since eroded to just a few decayed planks and posts. The tree canopy was some twenty feet above them. Scorch took to jumping the posts across with rope to tie off at the opposite end. About twenty feet in a slick and slimy tongue grabbed him. The head of a six foot frog had poked out of the swamp and its tongue pulled Scorch in. Another frog, opposite of him, shot his tongue out at the players but missed. It was only a matter of time before they found out that the swamp was actually flowing quicksand. By the end of it all, the hobgoblin’s hugs proved to be fatal to the frogs and the players made it across the perilous flow.

As thirty minutes passed of walking, they found themselves staring down a large tree. A rotting smell filled the air, flies were everywhere. It seems like the mast of a ship had been turned into a large make shift tent. Meanwhile, Rook had begun her flight back after spotting a large cabin near the top of the mountain, as well as some farm-land at the base, a path followed all the way to the swampy forest where the other players were. She headed back to the large rock they had first met at, and waited for their eventual return, not realizing the trouble they had gotten into.

Back at the tree, some groaning and moaning could be heard as the players approached. A swarm of flies took dispersed and some sort of undead woman, dressed in a crimson stained ragged dress, bolted at them. She was followed by two more in similar clothing. The players seemed to be caught off guard, two of them suffering from the bites of these creatures. The battle was back and forth, leaving Kohen knocked out once more (his dice hate him), and some minor injuries to the other players. They were eventually victorious and were able to scour the place… But, Kohen was cold, clammy, and doing very badly even after he had been healed.

The players picked up a decent bounty in loot, and found the bodies of several dead people, looked like they had been eaten alive… Kohen was coughing and on the brink of passing out, they needed to get back to Rook…

The night ended with them carrying Kohen back to the rock, no water, but they have loot. Rob’s character, S’braldt, had reiterated his hate for Strix before their arrival. I’m not sure of his plans with Rook, but it looks as if the players are forced to work together for yet another week. Tensions keep rising, yet they continue to work as a team, knowing that on this island… They can live together, or die alone.

Till next time,


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