Epic Ideas – One Shot Adventure Generator

Following the same formula as my last generator (Simple Background Generator) I wanted to help game masters out who are low on time or ideas. I present to you the One Shot Adventure Generator. I’ll explain how to read it, how to use it is simple. Or, if you don’t want to use the digital version, just roll the dice on the tables below!

Click here to check the generator out!

It’s very basic but leaves things open enough for you to work with. You can use this to bide some time while you work on the next point in your campaign. Detours are something I use often when I can’t weave stories how I want to, or if I’m low on time. You could also just run a simple one shot adventure with some friends to try and get a good taste of things. This gives you good ideas for any fantasy based role playing system, perhaps easiest with Dungeon World

In any case, here are the roll tables and how to read them.

Adventure Hooks. (Roll 1d6) This is meant to be the start of the night. Where the players first bite their teeth into the adventure.

  1. Bad weather forced them to take a detour into a dense dark forest.
  2. A scream is heard outside the inn they are staying at.
  3. Festival time is near and a large tournament is held with no entry fee, but great prizes.
  4. They hear a voice coming from one of their bags after recently stumbling upon or looting a treasure horde.
  5. A fight breaks out between two black armored figures in the street.
  6. The city calls for aid, bells ring out in the dark of night.

Adventure Mystery. (Roll 1d8) This goes along with the hook, side by side. When you give them the hook, make sure this information is included.

  1. Powerful magic can be felt in the area.
  2. Someone is killed or recently was killed.
  3. A voice calls out in a high pitch, “Catch me if you can!”
  4. A powerful thunderstorm has brewed and simply won’t die down.
  5. Orbs of light dance about that only a few of them can see.
  6. The air turns cold and suddenly reeks of death.
  7. Yells and shouts are heard, a raiding party storms forth.
  8. People suddenly vanish, leaving only what they were wearing behind.

Encounter Types. (Roll 1d10) This determines the enemy behind the majority of the fights. This gives you something easy to look up to get the encounters built for the adventure.

  1. Orcs
  2. Kobolds
  3. Cultists
  4. Elves
  5. Undead
  6. Humans
  7. Harpies
  8. Dark Gnomes
  9. Pixies
  10. Golems

Adventure Climax. (Roll 1d12) This is the end of the adventure. You can end it here and lead onto a second part once this information is revealed. But most of the time you’ll want this to be the final fight of the adventure. The plot twist is revealed, or the real enemy, and it ends in a memorable showdown between the party and the enemy.

  1. The enemy is lead by a younger red dragon who wants a taste of the party and their gear…
  2. Their leader is four heads higher than the rest of them. Magic pours from his armor and weapons…
  3. The time of sacrifice is near and the success of the adventure hinges on one person getting killed.
  4. It is revealed that the party’s allies are actually allied with the enemy. It was all one big ploy to stop them.
  5. A powerful stone is found that resonates magic and evil. It must be destroyed before the party kills each other.
  6. The party wakes up. It turns out they had been kidnapped many days prior and were under the mind potions of a twisted alchemist. They must escape and defeat him.
  7. They discover a portal that leads to a dark twisted realm, it must be destroyed.
  8. An item on them turns out to be cursed and lead them to this point. They must now fight the party member who wields the item as, by now, it takes control of their body, but not their mind; that will change if not destroyed.
  9. Apparently they have been fighting creations from a single person. They finally discover the real one who pleads for mercy and his life…

Of course I didn’t provide any reference to game specific monsters and the likes. This is just an idea generator that should be able to help you come up with a quick adventure to do for a night or to tie into your campaign when you need it. Feel free to comment below and shoot a few more ideas my way. I’d love to know how you used it, or the results you got with it! If you need help with game mastering, please shoot an email my way at adventamp@gmail.com

See you Space Cowboy.


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