Epic Ideas – Simple Background Generator

Coming up with a new character can be both easy and hard. Sometimes you have the idea of a character in mind. Yet, you’re not sure about his/her background, or perhaps you don’t have the extra time to fluff something up. I present to you a simple background generator. This can give you the idea of a background while still letting you build up on the fluff. It could also be used for GMs who wish to randomize their player’s start in the world.

You can click below for the one I programmed, or you can let your dice determine the fate. A good chart for a GM to print off if they’re about to start a new campaign.

Vexar’s simple background generator.

What life was your character born into? (Roll 1d6)

  1. Unknown or Forgotten
  2. Lowborn
  3. Commoner
  4. Aristocrat
  5. Noble
  6. Highborn

What does your character pursue? (Roll 1d8)

  1. Freedom
  2. Revenge
  3. Fame
  4. Fortune
  5. Justice
  6. Peace
  7. Power
  8. Purpose

How does your character act? (Roll 1d10)

  1. Shy
  2. Quick Tempered
  3. Brash
  4. Quiet
  5. Loud
  6. Charming
  7. Quick Witted
  8. Honorable
  9. Paranoid
  10. Mental

Something recently happened to your character… (Roll 1d12)

  1. Attempted robbery on a trade road, did they get away with anything important?
  2. A loved one was recently lost, was it murder, sickness, sudden, or expected?
  3. Treasure was found by a stroke of luck, was something of importance there? Was it safe?
  4. Bad weather hit a caravan you travelled with.  Lives and goods were lost. Were you protecting it? Did this effect you?
  5. You’ve lost your identification papers somewhere. Hard to get into a city without them.
  6. Your audience was requested at a nearby city. What for?
  7. Victory in a recent challenge has brought you a bit of fame.
  8. You saved a small child from certain death. Her parents thanked you with their prized trained pet.
  9. They narrowly escaped battle. Was it an ambush in the night, a raid, bounty hunters, or bad timing?
  10. They won first prize in a local competition, granting them a small bag of coin and fame.
  11. They’re struggling with amnesia after something happened to them. They don’t recall what.
  12. They were given a title by a church or highborn. Was it knight, chosen, warrior of light, king’s guard, or something else?

If you would like to add more, please comment below! Hope this helps. ~Vexar


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