Epic Ideas – Twin Blades

“Are you alright?” Malkir reached out to the green-skinned warrior. This had been their first fight with the magical weapon. “How did you do that?” Malkir gripped the half-orc’s hand and helped him to his feet.

“Lost control o’ me own stregnf.” Ugoth the half-orc finally spoke. As his eyes focused on the dimly lit cavern, he realized the utter carnage he left. Kobolds lie dead or dying in heaps and mounds on each other. He looked on the ground, at the source of light. It was the sword he found only hours ago. A red light spilled up into the air like a fire slowly lapping in the wind. “I fink I like me new toy…” He bent to pick up the sword.

“Aye, and may we never cross blades my green friend.” Malkir chuckled…

twinbladesEpic Idea – The Twin Blades

It’s been done before, a blade with a counterpart blade. But, rarely do I use such things to bring extreme power to my players’ hands, at least at low levels. I have this idea that I may plan to use soon. Twin blades that are extremely powerful. The closer they are, the weaker they are. Perhaps they were meant to keep balance among the land, or even the world. Yet, together, they are no more powerful or sharp than a magically forged blade. It has a sort of fine balance to the mechanic.

Perhaps the players find it, and their enemy has the twin. As they players get closer, their powerful blade weakens, as does their enemy’s. In any case, this is one of those magical items that I would want the players to learn about over time. Pathfinder’s new legendary item mechanic really helps with that, and I’m sure it’s not too hard to implement in any other system, really.

They would have several different bonded levels.

  • Bond 1: Deals additional damage at the risk of the player making some sort of save, or take up to half the damage they deal.
  • Bond 2: Ease up on the save. And the weapon is more accurate.
  • Bond 3: It gets by damage reduction effects, no save is needed. The weapon feels like an extension of the player character.
  • Bond 4 (final): The weapon ‘wakes up’ and is intelligent. It now feels the distance between it and its twin. It can talk to its current bonded owner.

It’s just a nifty idea, I feel like tinkering with it more. If you happen to use it in your adventures, let me know how it goes! Comment below or shoot an email to me at adventamp@gmail.com! ~Vexar


2 thoughts on “Epic Ideas – Twin Blades

  1. Been brooding over this post most of the day. I do not know the Pathfinder rules, but I like the story aspect. What I wonder is what will the Player think or feel as his weapon gets “less” as it nears its twin? Also, how will the other players react to the uber-ness of the weapon, when it first appears? Will it overshadow their powers and magic items? Thanks for offering up such good thought food.

    1. I’m sure it will be enough to spark some controversy, jealousy, and I’m sure people will come to me and complain. But, as they see that it draws closer and gets weaker… I wonder what they’ll do or say about it then.

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