Player Help: Resources for Players

You’re tasked with coming with yet a new character. You’ve played many before this one, but you want to do something new. You want to play something you haven’t played before. Where do you get started? What do you look to for information. I’ve shared my resources for general use. But, this is specific for players, and specifically for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Do not fret, though. I also want to go over a few tips that are good for any role playing system.


For all rules and official information from Paizo, I check out the Pathfinder SRD (System Reference Document). They have made their information free to view and use. The difference from the SRD and the books is context and extra help or information.

For an online character generator, I use Pathguy’s Pathfinder Character Generator. It may take a minute to load on a slower connection / computer. This handles the core rules fairly well, but is open enough to put in your own things. Over the years I have grown fond of Hero Lab’s character generator. It covers the rules fairly well while easily allowing house rules. The downside is that it is not free, and you must purchase the packs for each new rulebook that comes out. They are relatively cheap and it’s good for two computers, you can have your players chip in. As a GM, I simply keep up with the new books as they come out.


Diving into a new class, and race, can be daunting. The very first thing that players like to do, now days, is look up guides on how to make the best character possible. These guides are great, for learning what your class does. They are terrible at telling you what to do. Yes, you will get the highest stat based character for your level. Yes you may decimate everything the GM throws at you. But, that’s not your character. That is someone else’s character. I like to look at these guides for a way to see how people handle the class.

What you should do is, look over the guide, then make informed decisions about what you want to do. Don’t take that spell because it’s the most powerful for your level. Take the spell you want because you know it will be fun. Don’t choose this feat because your group needs it. Choose this feat because you want to use it. Don’t be forced to play a race that plays well to the stats that your class needs. Choose the race you think is most fun. A werewolf tiefling cleric, a treefolk sorcerer, a halfling paladin, all of these are fairly interesting choices, they would be fun to play. The point is, above all, do what is fun for you.

Ask your GM questions. Too often do I still start a new campaign and sit down at the table, with character sheets that are still wrong. I tell my players to ask me questions, to let me look at their sheets. But, they are often afraid that I may have to take things away because it doesn’t fit under the rules. It’s better that the GM fix something before you get to the table, than after. Especially when it is something you may rely on. Ask your GM if these choices are cool if they seem on the fringe of the rules you are all using. Bounce ideas off of them. This is their world and your world, he may tell you information that can completely change your choices, or set you on a path to making just what you wanted.

Get together with the other players, see what they are playing. See if they want their character to know yours. See what their ideas are for their own characters. Don’t feel forced to play a race/class just because it will fill a missing role; do what is fun. The GM can handle any holes by designing their encounters fit toward your group.

Have fun, ask your GM, ask your fellow players, and you’ll have a new fun character up in no time. Check out the weekly poll below. As always, whatever happens, happens. ~Vexar


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