On nominations and our epic future!

sunshine-awardWell, well, well… I awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise. It seems someone is going about and trying to help new blogs, and aid in making the Vogsphere a better place. Sorry, blogsphere. I received a comment from Robertson Writes stating that I’d been nominated for The Sunshine Award. Now, I realize this is no major accomplishment, but it still made my morning. I did some research and dove a little deeper into what this Sunshine Award is. Then, I saw the requirements to spread the love:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Interesting concept. I see this as an opportunity to let everyone know exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing, and to spread the awesomeness of the internet to ten active D&D related blogs. Even better if I can feature some that have under 50 followers. So, first, ten things about Epic Heroes.

  1. I want to bring something awesome to D&D / Pathfinder players and game masters. I want to: bring maps that game masters can easily give to players, write and create funny comic strips, help new and old game masters, help new and old players, and just bring the community a little closer together in any way I can.
  2. I’d like to get a real posting schedule going for each of these things, plus some. I want something you all can depend on.
  3. I’m doing this because I’ve played D&D since the dawn of 3.0, back then there were two magazines… Dungeon for game masters, and Dragon for players. I drooled over these magazines until they finally moved online through the D&D insider. I DMed fourth edition until my new players had matured and grown into Pathfinder players. All of this has lead me to the want to help you all!
  4. I ran a gaming/computer repair shop in my area for several years. I put 10,000+ hours into the place. What I’ve learned from there, I want to spill out to the universe, in hopes that it will help just one person.
  5. You all, future and current followers, are what makes table top games awesome. Us bloggers do this for you!
  6. I hope, that one day, Epic Heroes will be a common name within the D&D/Pathfinder community. We have weekly game sessions that you can watch live on Twitch.TV and upload to our YouTube channel every weekend. I realize this is an outlandish goal, and that makes me want to try that much harder!
  7. I have another awesome goal, and that is to have all of you take part in weekly polls. I’ll be continuing last weeks’ poll for another week. I want to see if the community would like to share their D&D stories with Epic Heroes, and have us feature one that was sent to us!
  8. I would like to offer new content for your gaming group, from new spells and creatures, to adventures and maybe campaigns in the future.
  9. I’d like to build a team of authors to help the community out. Eventually I’ll run out of things to say, I’d like specialists to be able to back me up and help out Epic Heroes.
  10. I want you to remember. You’re awesome.

My Nominees: I’m doing this a bit differently, featuring some articles, or giving information about their blog! Check them out!

  • Red Ragged FiendOne of the first things I do when I get my hands on a new RPG is flip to the equipment section. I learn a lot from the weapons, armors, shields, and sundry gear about the system. I can find out about the encumbrance rules, visibility rules, proficiencies‎, how deadly combat will be, even how easy it might be to make a wizard in plate mail. The last often being a good judge of how easy it might be to game the system and how well the material was play tested. Read more…
  • High Fantasy AddictThis one is on the list, not because they need help. But because, they can help you! From writing advice to recent book reviews. I couldn’t not post them. Bwaha… Bwahahahaha!
  • Mara WoodI game master for a group on Wednesdays; three males, three females. It’s been the best party dynamic I’ve ever had the luxury of GMing. As a person who goes out of their way to make sure there are more girls in their group; I always want to spread the love. Male or female gamer, check out Mara.
  • My Uncanny Dragon: I started playing Dungeons and Dragons three years ago.  Since then D&D night has been one of the high points of my week. Throughout the last two years of my college career, it served as a night to unwind and forget that I had four papers due by the end of the week and a few hundred pages to read by nine the next morning. Read more…
  • Grimnir’s Grudge: From custom classes to advice and help, Grimnir’s Grudge is making it happen.
  • Role Play Craft: Their most recent blog is part three of a complete adventure… Yep, that’s awesome. Wait what’s that? A three part series on Airships? Alright fine, that’s it. You rock. You’re awesome. You’re Epic!
  • World Engineer: New blogger, and someone who is trying to build a world! Follow their progress and get some help on your own world building from them!
  • Save vs WeekendHelp, tips, tricks, they’ve got it all! New monsters, and nods to other blogs. A great blog to check out!
  • The Solution HoleThe name I have given to my new band of followers is Bishop. They only know me as that so far but I’m sure I will have to tell them more. All they know about me at the moment is that I’m a cleric dwarf from Ragir. But soon I will have to tell them about my brother, I’m sure. Read more…
  • Dungeon DuTchessDo I feature one of her many awesome articles? Do I write about her? What do I do? There is far too much awesome going on here to contain in one blog. Her 3.5 adventures offer some awesome reads and some even more awesome inspiration for possible future adventures of my own!
  • Dyson’s Dodecahedron: I. Love. Maps. Seriously, can’t get enough of them. The Draw Dungeons like Dyson series is just EPIC. Check’m out. Now. No, really. Now.

So, thanks for the attention Robertson Writes. It is difficult to spread the love to only 10 blogs. I hope that they, too, will spread the love. Check out the poll below, and as always. Love and peace!


12 thoughts on “On nominations and our epic future!

  1. Two points.
    1. Thanks for the nod and I’m glad people are finding some merit in my posts.
    2. The ‘Draw Like Dyson’ article was actually penned by Dyson, there’s a whole little series of the tutorials. Maybe misguided empathy but If I was in Save vs. Weekend’s shoes I’d like the nomination to reflect original content rather than a reblog.

  2. Vexar, what an awesome post! First of all, congratulations on your nomination, I can see why you got the Sunshine award 😀

    And I’m very grateful and proud that you nominated me too with such a sweet and enthusiastic description. I’m flattered! I feel like I rolled a 20 hehehe.

    Unfortunately I can’t accept the award, you can read all about my reasons on my English blog Figments of a DuTchess: http://drieskewrites.wordpress.com/about/

    “On awards: I’m so sorry, but I can’t accept awards. Nominations really do mean a LOT to me. But all of us bloggers, writers, photographers, poets, funny and serious people, we all share our thoughts and creativity – our souls in many cases! – and in my eyes all are equal in that. Thank you kindly for understanding.”

    But thank you thank you thank you. I’m looking forward to read your posts here @ Epic Heroes 😀

    1. Indeed! Everyone truly does deserve appreciation. It’s totally fine that you will not accept the nomination! You’re still just as epic, if not more for your reasons! Keep up the hard work ❤

  3. I appreciate the nomination but have to apologize profusely! The blog post you cited as your inspiration for the nod was simply a re-blog from “Dyson’s Dodecahedron” (http://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/draw-dungeons/) . I pretty rarely re-blog anything because it isn’t always abundantly clear that the content isn’t original.

    I’m loathe to get any credit for someone else’s wonderful work, so I’m afraid I cannot accept the nomination. But by all means, nominate Dyson! His blog is always a fun read and his maps are beautiful and infinitely useable at the game table!

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