Epic Map #1: Tomb of the Lost King

I love looking at maps for my table top games. These are great sources of inspiration and crazy ideas for where my players might go next. However, a lot of the published maps are DM/GM only! From keys, to secret doors, to the names of things, even the grid is already printed on them. GraveAT9 and myself (Vexar) want to bring you something other than that. We’ve decided to do weekly maps. (If we can keep up with it between our campaigns!) The great thing, they will be player and GM friendly. This means we’ll give a player map, and a GM map separately, if needed! We only have one condition, don’t use these for commercial use; contact us if you want us to make a map for you! These are free for personal use only, and as always; please give credit where credit is due! In these we’ll give you a basic description of some ideas we had during creation, and hopefully some inspiration for yourself!

Tomb of the Lost King

Epic Map #1

Once a year, at the peak of summer, the afternoon sun hits the entrance of this tomb in such a way that is revealed to those who search for it. There are few who know where the tomb could be located. Those few who do know better than to enter it. They fear the dangers that may lie within.

Questions to ask yourself about the tomb:

  • Clay pots are littered throughout the tomb. What do they contain? Bugs that spill out when a player opens one or steps onto a square containing them? Do they contain organs of those buried, if so, why so many?
  • Why is the tomb hidden or lost? What has this king done? Who is in the other sarcophagus?
  • What is in the waters between the two?
  • What is the pattern on the floor? It seems to be set into the floor, almost like it would take a liquid to the sarcophagi. Perhaps it’s intended for a blood ritual. If so, what does the ritual do?
  • What traps lay in wait here?
  • What, if anything, now resides within this tomb? A cult perhaps. Maybe undead guardians. Perhaps anubi?
  • Those doors, how do they open? Maybe only magic can open them, perhaps  it’s a push mechanism, it’s up to you to decide.
  • Each of the stairways should only be about a 10 foot drop, but are they more than that? They could be much steeper, perhaps a climb is needed to get down, and this tomb could be giant sized instead.

Click for the full image. This prints on a 8.5 x 11 inch page on landscape settings. Print it out on graph paper or use it in Roll20! Rooms have been left blank for you to use how you see fit. Have fun, and happy gaming!




4 thoughts on “Epic Map #1: Tomb of the Lost King

      1. Thanks, Vexar! i amreally glad that you focused on some tabletop gaming blogs! I know many of the folks you nominated, and I am thrilled that they received nominations from you!!

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