Tis the Season

Indeed! The holidays are upon us and I feel like I’m in the giving mood. So, whether you are a player, a DM/GM, or somewhere between, allow me to dump a repository of useful things upon your eyeball relay devices!

General Help

  • Elven/Drow/Common translator, great for coming up with names on the fly for the various locations in a home-brew campaign!
  • My favorite way to play online, free too, Roll 20.
  • My role-playing music playlist. I often play it while trying to come up with ideas, but you too can use it during game time! Grooveshark Role Play, Bookmark it, as I keep it updated over time.
  • Google drive… Free and cloud storage? Heck yes!

GM Help

I leave you with something epic to read through. Table Titans web comic!

And, finally… Something to drool over and wish for… The Emissary Gaming Table and this… Just… Just keep browsing, it doesn’t hurt too bad…


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