Epic Times #3

Epic Times #3

So, a while back, my players decided to use some items I had given to help them out in a puzzle. They were potions of levitation. They got through the puzzle without needing them. Later on they would fight a dragon. They ended up finding some way to force the dragon to ingest these potions. The effects stacked up and ended up nearly sending the dragon into orbit. Did they kill it? Nope, but they sure as hell got rid of the threat between them and the treasure…

GM fumbles like that end up being hilarious… The comic above, I’ve witnessed it. “The skeleton steals the wand from you, and on his turn uses it.” … “That wand was pointing directly at him.” xD! Love it.


2 thoughts on “Epic Times #3

  1. DM & PC fumbles can be definitely be hilarious. A few weeks back I had a PC fall face first over another PC’s trip wire trap. In this specific example I’m not sure a skeleton would possess the thinking capable to actually activate a wand but I could be wrong. Regardless, beating down a wizard with his own wand would be equally hilarious.

    1. Indeed it would be! I’ve witnessed thieving undead before; beating down fighters with their own swords and the likes. Always amusing. I have to worry, in my Tuesday night adventures, that I don’t accidentally trap my allys; always making sure they know where I set up traps xD!

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